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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I checked into my online RWA chapter last night, and they were playing a little game on the messageboards--it went something like this:

1. Grab the nearest book - not the "best" or "coolest" book, but the one
nearest to your hands right now.
2.Turn to page 33
3. Find the fifth sentence, and post it here along with the author's name and the name of the book.

Since I'm quick to steal an easy blog idea..... ;-) Wanna play?

My current read,Home Killings, is in my bag, so the closest book at hand is:
The Sundowners by Lesley Lokko.-- "She looked enviously at the perfect, pearly white teeth and wide, generous smile which completely transformed the otherwise tense and unhappy face."

I bought this book thinking it would be a real 'old school' glitz n glamour and tawdry sex type book, a la a Jackie Collin's novel or 'Scruples'. There were a couple of scenes in the middle of the book that I read in-store and convinced me to buy, but I found the first couple pages couldn't quite hook me, neither in character nor voice. :-( So it's been collecting dust on my desk ever since. I'm still willing to give it another try tho,.
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Tony Falcon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tony Falcon said...

I may have to put a disclaimer on this one since it wasn't realy a book per se...

"Side tie string bottom has low-rise and moderate back coverage."
Victoria's Secret BAJA Swim 2005 Catalog.

...uhm, someone must have left it near my den recliner. On a lighter note, I took the asshoe test from one of your prvious posts...34%! Aw-riiiiight!

Jaye said...

*snort* Uh, just happened to be left by your chair? Suuuuuuuure. No I wonder what you deleted.....

Only 34% asshole?, Tony? Just kidding.

So when are you going to give us the next installment of Marvin? No pressure or anything. Just because I check your blog everyday for the next update, dosen't mean you hafta, like, update it or stuff.

No pressure.

Tony Falcon said...

I deleted the same comment with about 60 spelling errors. No sleep in 2 days knocks my two fingered typing down to about 5 WPM.

The next one's been drafted. It'll be up later today.

Those your lips on your profile? STOP IT!!

Thanks for the visits.

Danica said...

LOL Tony!

Okay, I'll bite.

Then Comes Marriage by Kasey Michaels

Once again, she was alone.

Sasha White said...

I'm in!!
Closest book to me~ "How to be a Canadian."by Willand Ian Ferguson. (it's a hilarious book!!!)

theline~ The best way to see this scenery is from the window of an airplane at 30,000 feet while slightly sloshed on high altitude alcohol.

Anonymous said...

"It was his." Beneath a Blood Read Moon by Shannon Drake. Hmm...not very exciting. I have six books within arms length, including my manuscript. ;-) My 33rd page 5th line is: Bobbie found the action of swallowing impossible, as he moved forward, stopping within inches of her. (wg) Jordan

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll play!!

A thick arm clamped down around her chestand jerked her back against a wide chest.
"Worth Every Risk" by Dianna Love Snell, SIM-Mar05


Linda Winfree said...

Sigh. Here's the story of my life. The closest book at hand:

McDougal Littell's The Language of Literarute, American Literature (all 1100+ pages):

"May the warp be the white light of morning." (from "Song of the Sky Loom")

A week ago it would have been Gatsby.

Amie Stuart said...

*note to self: spend some time on Tony's blog. I'm obviously missing something good*

Closest book is Derik's Bane by MJ Davidson.

The way she smiled at her students, her colleagues, lovestruck mechanics.

Amazing how those VS catalogs just *float* around the house ....hehe

Steph T. said...

I'm in...

Closest book: My Lady Imposter by Suzanne McMinn :)

33rd page/5th line: He pounced forward, spinning her in his grasp so that he pressed her back hard against his chest, and with the knife at her throat again, he pushed open her cloak to cup one of her breasts.

Thanks for even more procrastination, evil woman *ggg*

Jaye said...

Stop what? ::blink blink::

Is that porno mouth--as a friend calls the pic--mine? lol.

I think it's time for you to put down the VS catalogues. gg

Thank you! I'll pop over to your blog in a sec.

Oh sure, Jordan. Go ahead and torture us with a teaser from your ms. It didn't help that I misread that sentence the first time. I'll say no more... ;-)

Same thing with you, Danica. Didn't Kasey write a vampire novel? I thought you were making a pun when you said 'I'll bite' gg.

Sash, that lines sounds like 'Canadian' humor.

awww, Linda. Same thing happened to me last night. The closest thing to me was some dry bones book ds has to read for grade 11 english.

Cece, you're line came up a couple of times on the messageboard last night. gg. Popular book.
Ooo, I like Christyne's line. And Steph's.

Danica said...

I don't know if she ever wrote a vampire novel. This particular book is a very good historical, that from the cover looked to be a contempory. I blame it for my latest historical kick, since I'd thought to read a funny contemporary, which this cover suggests, and got sucked into this great historical.

And sadly, no, it's not a line from my current MS. That would be: "What if I told you I didn't do it?"

Which is where I'm at with this current BIAW. Still deciding if he's going to actually give his defense or stew for a while that she doesn't believe him and make her beg for his defense. Oh yeah, make her beg... totally all over that one. ;)

Or I could just blow something up. Haven't done that for a couple of chapters yet.

Suzanne said...

Oh wow, I popped in here to post the book I picked up and see one of mine! That was quite a violent/porno sounding line out of my book!!! Knives and fondling! LOL. (Thanks for reading my book, Steph!) Okay, I picked up The Perfect Target by Jenna Mills. "She'd forgotten to think at all."

Steph T. said...

LOL - Suzanne! It's such a good read :) - I love my tortured alphas! My mom, who loves historicals, tried to steal the book from me yesterday. Tucked it in her bag and everything and I'm not DONE! Good thing I caught her :)

*whistles innocently and ambles off, hands in pockets after leaving some craft-itis dust behind for Jaq*

Jaye said...

Danica, make her beg, then blow something up. ::grin:: (Don't forget, we writers are closet sadists.)

::jaye enters blogs all zipped up in anti-craft-itis contamination suit and gas mask. Points at Steph.:: You. Out.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Steph! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

Anonymous said...

Naked by David Sedaris
"I don't want nuts, motherfucker, I want drapes and shoes to match."

Anonymous said...

Naked by David Sedaris
"I don't want nuts, motherfucker, I want drapes and shoes to match."

Anonymous said...

Naked by David Sedaris
"I don't want nuts, motherfucker, I want drapes and shoes to match."

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