The Best (& Worst) Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another lazy /cheater post. This is from Chatelaine magazine (March 2005)--

When we asked about your dream Valentine's Days and disasters, the stories poured in! Read on to find out what melted your heart – or made you burn with anger.

My snowy valentine
My husband was working as a tow-truck driver one Valentine's Day early in our marriage. We had no money to celebrate, so I went to work with him so we could at least be together. I was pretty miserable, though. It started to snow and we drove to an empty parking lot. He drove the tow truck in a giant heart shape in the freshly fallen snow. Then he got out of the truck and used a broom handle to write "Mike Loves Angela" inside of the heart. It cost him nothing, but it meant the world to me. I can't remember every gift he ever bought me for Valentine's Day, but I'll always remember that big snowy heart.

Love rings true
When I met my husband more than 10 years ago, we drew a picture of my dream ring. Little did I know, he kept the drawing all those years and last Valentine's Day, he had it made for me. It has a heart on it that appears to be coming out of a teardrop. The teardrop is mine and the heart represents my husband coming into my life – curing my broken heart.

Just us girls
The best Valentine's Day I ever had was with a friend and her sister. We were all single at the time, so we went out for a candlelit dinner and then hit the bars. It was a blast. We had no expectations, so there were no disappointments.

Canned for Cupid
I had been married for just about two years and was eight months pregnant with our second child (my fourth). I wanted so badly to go out and celebrate Valentine's Day that my husband decided to miss work so we could have one last romantic night out before the baby was born. He told his boss that I had the baby that day and then took me out to dinner and a movie. When they found out the truth, they let him go for missing time, but he did it just so he could be with me.

So what was your best (or worst) Valentine's day? Nothing really stands out for me either way. If I was involved in a relationship, I got the usual--card, flowers, some token of his esteem/love/lust, and the expensive dinner routini, followed by wine soaked, calorie bloated, sugar enhanced, hot-monkey sex. You know, the usual. If I was single, Valentine's tended to come and go with barely a notice. Could care less. I know some single people mope, but why get so down on this particular day? You're single for the other 364 days of the year, why not spread the moping out so you have a general consistent level of depression for the whole 12 months? After while you wouldn't even notice....

Oh, shit, is that what's happened to me? Embarrassed

Ya know, I feel a bit of an insulin shock from those previous anecdotes. Bitter? Moi? So here's some more valentine's stories to balance things out a bit:

From Horizon Online

"My freshman year, I had the best Valentine's day of my life...or so I thought. When I woke up in the morning I had a dozen roses waiting for me on my front table, accompanied by a sweet card. Soon after my boyfriend picked me up and we spent the day together. That night we cooked dinner together and ate by candlelight. Everything had been perfect. The following day he told me that he had cheated on me the night before Valentine's day."

From the Valentines Story Contest running on New Orleans dot com

Grand Prize Winner
As a favor to a roomate, I agreed to go out on a Valentines Day double date with him, his girlfriend and her cousin who was visiting from out of town. He assured me that she was a fine little fox and if I played my cards right I could be "lucky" before the nights end. I should have known that something was up when he poured shot after shot of mind numbing alcohol for me before we set out to pick up the girls. But even with the darkness of night and a severe case of fuzzy vision I was still able to make out the form of not a fox but some other canine-type mammal. If my legs weren't so wobbly, I'm sure that I would have made a beeline for the nearest exit and washed my eyes out with soap. But true to my word to a friend, I sucked up my pride and walked together with Ms. Lassie into the restaurant. Unfortunately for me, it just happened to be the very same restaurant in which the girl who I had recently broke up with was sharing a cozy booth with a GQish type hunk.

As we passed their table on the way to our own, my Ex apparently felt it necessary to point and laugh at me in my time of self loathing as she snuggled even closer to her new beau. As if this wasn't pride deflating enough, as we were eating our meal, I realized that my date had the table manners of a rude viking as she burped and slurped her way through her own meal and half of mine. And as she reached over to snatch one of the few remaining meatballs on my plate, her hand knocked over a glass of water into my lap definitely putting a cold chilling end to any thoughts of "lucky" that remained. To add insult to injury, in her attempt to sop up the liquid embarrassment that pooled in my crotch, she up ended my dinner plate causing the rest of my meal to paint an Italian mural with tomato sauce onto my shirt. Needless to say, as we walked to the door on our way out, the familiar cackle of my ex-girlfriend filled my ears. If looks could have killed, I'm sure that I would have attended my roomate's funeral the next day.


Your assets are delightful.
Your beauty's not debatable.
But what I like about you best,
is that you're not inflatable.
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julie70 said...

OK, for all of us who are alone at Valentine Day, just to remember this (gained in my 70 years, two husbands, a few others friends) : you are a lot better alone, then with someone who does not really cares about you.

A good (romance) book is better companion sometimes as a bog friend then... and the dreams remain, do not lose them, event at seventy, I dream, hope, who knows... and sometimes...

Amie Stuart said...

On their first VD -before they were even married-my grandfather brought my grandmother a heart shaped box of candy. there's a story there, but I don't remember it. Anyway every Valentines Day after that until he died (and they were married over 50 years) he'd bring her a box of candy and she saved (and probably still has) all the decorative lids.

Unfortunately I have no valentines day stories to tell except my ex proposed (at his brother's wedding). Never marry a man who waits until the last minute to get you a valentines present LOL. Somehow that man managed to ruin every holiday we ever spent together.

sidney said...

your husband is really sweet ... *grins*

McVane said...

Julie70 is right, it's better to be alone, spoiling yourself with anything that makes you feel good on Valentine's Day, than being with someone who doesn't give a fig.

My worst Valentine's Day date is this bloke who insisted on telling me how much he spent on me on this day. "That steak, that's £27.95 you're eating", "Those flowers I got you, it's 40 quid you're smelling", and "I can buy you that £80 bottle if you want". He even informed me how much he paid for the usage of his *petrol* of his car when driving me home.
When I refused to invite him back in my place, he had the gall to tell me that he expected the "fruits" of his "investment". I refused and he got annoyed and shouted that he wanted his 'money' back. He didn't blink twice when I wrote him a cheque. And he did cash it. *laugh*

Jaye said...

Julie70, I absolutely agree with your post. I had an aunt who only gave me one peice of advice regarding love--which a small miracle, since she held a large and extended opinion on everything. gg -- she told me: Better 'no' man, than the 'wrong' man. Boy was she Right!!

(Of course now that I've discovered the joys of battery operation, the whole thing is moot.)

Cece the story of your grandparent's life long courtship, is so, sweet. Lovely. And I do think it's romantic that your ex proposed at his brother's wedding, that means the signifance of the vows really hit him with how much he wanted to make the same commitment of love and honour to you. er, at the time. ;-) l tease cause I luv you, shugs.

Hi Sidney. What? no anecdote? Come on, you can share with me, and the other 5 people that come by this blog semi-regularly. gg

LMAO, Maili!!!! LOL. I'm wiping tears from my eyes. What. A. LOSER! <--being very polite, here. gg. Good ridance to him, and what a WINNER you ended up with. :-)

Anonymous said...

Julie70, you are a wonder!

I don't have any good valentine stories, or bad ones. It's another day or not, depending on your circumstances.

I have one valentine that I've saved since I was 19 years old. An old-fashioned thing of white lace & little red hearts. The relationship turned out to be crap, but the valentine, for me, represented the first time I ever felt real, grown-up love.

Maybe I kept it in the hope of finding a real, grown-up man.

Stop laughing, ya'll.


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad I found your spot...enjoy your writing, your wisdom and humor.


Jaye said...

Dream when you find one, ask if he has a brother, or a cousin, or a one-eyed, three teethed uncle. gg. Seriously, though, the valentines sounds precious. Nothing like they make these days. :-)

Hi Elizabeth, ::waving:: I took a peak at your blog, I love the parrot personna. gg.

Jaye said...

::blushing:: that should be "peek" I took a 'peek' at your blog.


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