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Monday, February 28, 2005

I wrote two fairly longish posts on my writing progress. One last night one this morning. One one last night posted fine, the one this morning didn't. The upshot of all this is both posts are now gone. Arrghh!

There's nothing I can do about last night's post. It's gone for good. But the draft of today's post is still on an open word doc. So I'll repost that in this blog message. The short form of last night's post is I revised chapter one yesterday.

I read in one of those writing magazines, years ago, that a mystery was two stories, the first is the actual crime. The players, motivation, etc. The second story is the one you write, the solving of the mystery. I did a bit assbackwards, upside down. I had a vaguish idea of the elements of the mystery and players/suspects, then I thought about the actual crime. :-P

This morning on the ride in to work, I fleshed out one minor mystery in the story and worked out how it will be solved. I don't want this one to take up too much wordage, but it's a loose end that will have to be tied up. I also had to think about how it impacts on Zoe and Odil and came up with a few good points there. The major mystery I thought about last week and have that one fairly worked out. I think it's close to time to write the suckopsis (synopsis). It'll help clarify things better in my mind.

This week is going to be a dozy, I must clean up my apt, and do the growing mountain of laundry. And this is the week I get back to the gym, I think I may start dating again. Plus once again I find myself in possession of a life. gg. Two lunch dates, hair and esthetics appointments, and looks like I'll be tripping cross the border on Saturday for a day of shopping with my girlfriends.

I'll leave you with a joke:


A man and his wife are seated in a fancy French restaurant for dinner.
After the waiter arrives the man says: "I'll have your biggest,
thickest Porterhouse steak." The waiter replies: "Monsieur.....what
about ze mad cow?" The man replies: "She'll have a salad."

**Btw, is it true? Did Chris Rock suck last night? ::whimper:: He's my favourite standup comedian, if it's true, I'm so glad I didn't watch the Oscars last night.
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Anonymous said...

He wasn't in top form, but he was the ONLY thing that kept me awake throughout the ceremony. Jordan

Jaye said...

Thanks Jordan. At least he wasn't *a flog* like a one minor headline I read. :-P The first time he hosted the MTV awards (3 years ago?) I. Laughed. My. Ass. Off. gg.

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