Zoë and Zane

Friday, January 07, 2005

Yeah, I know BIG freakin No-No, naming your characters similar names. I guess I should 'fess up that their father is Zachariah. gg. Just a little set up. Zoe and Zane are in the 'antique/second hand' shop that their father left them in his will. (Tho' I'm not exactly sure if he's dead or has just been missing and assumed dead... ) Zoe has a letter that Zane didn't want her to see in this scene. (er, the following is (c) 2005 by Vanessa Jaye):

“Let’s discuss that, shall we?” Zoë pounced, ignoring the jib about her ex’s largess. She gave the letter a sharp snap in the air, El Toro!, her gaze lasering in on Zane’s face as he dropped a few shades down the scared shitless scale.

“What’s that?” As he came towards her, Zoë scooted behind the counter.

“You tell me, Zane.”

“Gimme that.” He made a grab for it and she jumped backed, waving a naughty naughty finger at him.

“Ah ah ah.”

“Opening other people’s mail is a federal offence.” He protested. Lame.

Zane moved slowly to the right, scanning the display case, back to her, then to the letter.

Zoë moved slowly to the left, feeling relatively safe. There was no opening for him to jump over the counter—-cluttered as it was with several tea services and a group of pretty perfume bottles—

“Give it here.” He made a mad dash around the corner. Zoë ran screaming the other way, “Nooooo!”

She grabbed a walking stick from the umbrella stand, came to a trippy stop in her heels, then spun to face him just as he armed himself likewise.

“In arrears on the mortgage, Zane? What the hell did you do with the money?” Zoë jabbed at him.

“We’re only a couple of weeks behind,” he parried.

“No, we’re a couple of behinds out on the sidewalk when the next payment comes due.” She riposted and lunged, their sticks clashing as he blocked her attack.

“I’ve got it under control.”

“Control?” Zoë lowered her arm. “The mortgage is in arrears. Again. This business, and the house, is all dad had to leave us, Zane. It’s all we have left.”

He dropped his own guard and went to her, then brushed aside her bangs, lightly tracing the old scar along her hairline. “And each other.”


At first, I thought that scene was 'childish', but the Hunters (surname) are implusive and a bit irresponsible (shown with Zoe's quitting her job, and now Zane missing the mortgage payment), so this reaction fits rights into their personalites, and also touches upon the whole sibling rivalry/bonding thing. Now that I've *shown* Zoe's *irrepressible* personality, the contrast to a somewhat anti-social Odil will really be fun to watch.

My goal this week-end is to get the chapter done.

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