What kind of Sex Scene do you write?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Got this from Larissa's blog. I'm kinda surprised I got realistic, I thought I was headed in that direction, but was still a bit 'romancey'. Sort of half and half. We'll see what happens when Zoe and Odil start knockin boots. gg.

You write realistic sex scenes.  Wet spot and all.
What kind of sex scene do you write?

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Anonymous said...

I apparently write realistic sex scenes, too!


Julie said...

If that's the same quiz I took, it says I write PORN.

Oh, goody!

Jaye said...

Hiya, Marjorie. :-) Did your results surprise you? I need to go back and read all the possible categories. I guess I answered thinking about the way I write (intend) to write now, not what I've written in the past.

lol. on getting 'porn', Julie. gg.

Anonymous said...

Not so surprised, I guess, though I don't know what the other options are. I was trying to do it based on mostly what I've written.


Sela Carsen said...

Aw shucks. Mine's romaaaantic. Isn'tthatsweet?
Been lurking, finally figured out how to post comments today. Yeah, I know. I'm slow.
Definitely one of my favorite Procrastination Stations.

Kate R said...

I haven't messed with it yet, but I have to thank you for having the coolest strangest links on your blog. I love it!!

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