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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"If my sex life was a farm, Willie Nelson would have held benefits for it. I couldn't even grow mud."


From Sex and Sensibility, 28 True Romances from the Lives of Single Women.

This is part of the excerpt on the Amazon reviews page:

Chapter 1: confessions of a teenage c**ktease by elissa schappell ©

I blame the suburbs for making me a c**ktease. Growing up in a small town in Delaware there were no malls, movie theaters, or caf├ęs within walking or biking distance. There were no museums, no galleries, no book or record stores. There were, however -- in abundance -- boys.

Thus, my girlfriends and I spent a lot of restless hours hanging out at each other's houses, lying on canopy beds or on the shag-carpeted floor, door locked, tickling each other's arms and backs, gossiping about boys and what we'd do with one if we ever got one, occasionally hopping off the bed to dance in front of the mirror, lip-synching Cheap Trick's "Surrender" into a hairbrush. In the summer we went to the neighborhood pool and tanned on top of picnic tables, running across the hot macadam parking lot in bare feet when we heard the ice cream truck, or we biked to a swimming hole with a rope swing off a bridge, occasionally flashing motorists.

I see a lunch time shopping expedition happening for me. I read about the book, during this morning's ride into work, in February's Glamour Magazine.
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Anonymous said...

Vanessa, Boy, did that excerpt bring back memories. Let us know what you think of the book after you've read it. So far, it looks cute. Jordan

Jaye said...

The book isn't on the shelves yet, plus it has another name here in Canada. :-( I think the excerpts is what sold me too, Jordan. I grew up in the city, yet I remember being that age, and hanging with the girls and it boys on the brains, 24/7. gg. Except we didn't think it was c**ckteasing, we thought it was getting their attention.... gg

Amie Stuart said...

LOL ahhhhhhh small town life. Gotta hate it i mean love it. I remember it well. and that quote of hte day....well i guess it's payback for being such a well...you know =)

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