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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ve joined the Word Challenge for this month. Cece twisted my arm and Sylvia held a gun to my head.

What? You thought I’d voluntarily torture myself through a whole month of goal keeping? What kind of nut do you take me for?

There’s a fine line between being a writer and being plain crazy. You stay on your side of the line, and I’ll stay on both of mine.
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Linda Winfree said...

Well, I threw in, too. So I guess we're both nuts. ;-)

Amie Stuart said...

I may be crazy but you'll never prove I'm insane 8-P

Sylvia Day said...


Sasha White said...

I'm in too, but Crazy!? I'm not crazy!
Okay, maybe just a bit nuerotic. An nuerotic, erotica writer. ;)

Jaye said...

Crazy, nuts, insane, psycho, all such harsh descriptors. I like 'creative'. It has a nice ring to it. gg

Amie Stuart said...

Sasha....that would be Neurotica


Sasha White said...

Okay, I'm a nuerotica writer. *g*

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