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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Boy do I wish I'd been a fly on the wall during this occasion. (read last part about the kaffe klatch) lol. Must have been sweet.

And speaking of sweet (this is sooo unpc), What Is Your Pimp Name? Mine's is: Delicious J.J ViciousPimp

Actually that's second name I got. The first name was, Washington Jaye Syphylus lmao!

You ain't teaching my kid. And you, Miss "Satan working in my flesh" are not a good candidate either. I rebuke thee.

Typical guy.

Yes, I %$#@!!! want fries with that!

The title--and to a degree the tone--of this blog entry is somewhat inflamatory, but genrally speaking, I was thinking the same thing. I caught a bit of a news program on this exact topic earlier in the week, seems people feel helpless about the situation in Africa, but feel that they can do accomplish something concrete in South Asia.

My son loves this show. I hate it. And I saw this episode, but had to leave the room. Yuk. Someone is going to get seriously hurt on that stupid show one day, then, I don't care what kind of waivers were signed, the network/shows producers will find their collective butts 'served'. With a spring of wilted parsely on the side.

On the other hand, maybe we can feed rats to these jerks. Or these guys.. Wait! First let's stuff their bellies with drugs, force them to watch their kids light up. Then feed them the rats.

Another Hollywood marriage one bites the dust. And they seemed so down to earth and solidly in love, I really thought they'd be one of the few who would last the distance.

And just to make sure this post makes absolutely no sense, while at the same time ensuring its popularity -- a wolf sighting.

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Sasha White said...

Ohhh, nice wolf! *ggg*

Jaye said...

Ya, think? Although your cowboy gives Hugh some stiff competition. :-P

Anonymous said...

Ms. Satan scares the s*it out of me. I can't believe she's teaching children. How frightening is that? I am surprised by Brad and Jen. I thought they'd be able to pull it together. :-/ Jordan, who's never surprised by Hollywood.

Amie Stuart said...

Some kid needs to go "Carrie" on that one teacher's ass.
Love the PB Writers blog post. I laughed my ass off and at the one after it. I need to add her to my sidebar and read more often.

Gonna go get me a Pimp Name =)

SAd about Brad and Jennifer but shit happens. Esp in Holly-weird.

LMFAO@the Burger King dude....Fear Factor sucks but you know my opinion on "reality TV" 8-D

Great post hon!

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