Managed to redeem myself

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

1. Did a 30 page crit, for a good friend who really pulled through for me earlier in the month.

2. Sorted the laundry and went to the laundrymat, but it was pack, so trudge back home. On my way back to laundrymat, momentarily, with only 1/3 the laundry this time. Figure I'll do 3 trips with smaller loads over the next couple of days.

3. Cooked dinner. (burp.)

4. Wrote one page of Zoe & Odil. It's a bit of a slog--the story never really comes to life for me until I get the h/H together, but in this case I have to 'set up' the meeting/rest of the story. Hope to have them together by the half-way point, or in the last third at the very least.

5. Pulled up an paranormal romantica that I was aiming to Ellora's Cave. Thing is with EC you have to be prolific. I'm not prolific. Plus I really don't want to take away from pursuing my single title stuff, but I think I may just fool around with this story a bit...

6. If I make it back from the laundrymat in time, may work some more on Z&O

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I got a agent request out last week. Or maybe I did mention it. *gg*. I'm not holding my breath on this submission. The agent made the request back in June. *g*, Plus he handles a lot of big names and requested the full from the query letter. This mss got several requests from agents for partial, all ultimately rejected--but I'm pretty sure only one agent saw the revised version. In my gut I feel something is wrong with the begining, so I'll wait to see what this agent says before I send it out to a couple of contests for some feedback. Or maybe I'll try one of the pubs who accept unagented. I don't really want to shop it around too much, or no agent will touch it.

K, gone.
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Amie Stuart said...

Seabiscuit was a longshot too, Sugs.... all digits crossed!!!

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