Stress is not my friend

Thursday, October 28, 2004

I've been under a fair bit of stress for the past year or so, some days are better than others. But when it gets really bad, I can't write. It's like my mind is in a vice. A very painful one. *sigh*. I think I can put to rest any hopes of entering the GH with the revised ms this year. I'll just focus on getting this rewrite done whenever it gets done. *sigh* On the other hand, not writing leads to a lot of think about the ms, I've uncovered several interesting plot points/details of the ms. For instance, I felt my H (Daniel) needed a another layer to his IC, regarding his 'not' wanting to fall in love. The solution I came up with ties into the subplot very nicely on a couple of different levels, plus this new detail will be revealed (initially) to the h (Felicity) in such a way that it will increase the conflict. <--I'm particularly happy about this because I have a really great existing scene with the h and a secondary character, but the dialogue is dead in the water because of all the changes I've made. Now I can make this 'issue' the topic of the conversation and still have the same results. ::grin:: Actually the more I think about this solution, the more I like it. In a way it's cliched, but with a twist.

Well, it's almost 11pm. I should toddle off to bed (that's another thing, I'm not sleeping well.)

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