Dick's Cabaret. heh. (pun intended, I'm sure)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time before someone dug up some dirt on one of the Idols.

LOS ANGELES - "American Idol" contestant David Hernandez once entertained audiences by removing his clothes, instead of singing tunes, a manager at a male strip club in Phoenix said.

The 24-year-old finalist from Glendale, Ariz., once worked as a stripper at Dick's Cabaret, appearing fully nude and performing lap dances for the club's "mostly male" clientele, club manager Gordy Bryan said Monday.

Read the rest of the story here.

Oh, wait, my bad. They already found out about Crazy Hair Amanda's DUI last week, didn't they? But with every other celebritard having a DUI in the last couple of years, it's not quite as salacious a tid-bit. Frankly I don't care what David does in his spare time. Just wanted something to blog.
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Gennita said...

Re: his song choice last week....

I wonder whether Papa was a stripper. And where he laid his hat...

heh heh heh, Your Resident Idol Snarker

Amie Stuart said...

I heard some "scut" but didn't know it was a gay bar. THat said, a boy's gotta make a dolla! LOL

Yo, David, lapdance, right heah!

BTW did you hear Simon turned DOWN 2 Million dollars to do a VIagra commercial and said he was very insulted!

vanessa jaye said...

"And where he laid his hat...


And you're just as bad, Amie. :-P I did see that about Simon. lol.

vanessa jaye said...

Since I was doing other things while the show was on, I didn't do a proper post, so this is my take on the boys:

Luke- weak. Girly. Sad.

Danny N – Grrrrl. Not good. Bordered on campy.

Michael Johns – The high notes were superb. The low notes, not great.

David H – He did Celine. And he did it well.

Danny boy – Great voice as usual, but I’m seeing limitations. It’s like Frank Sinatra singing R. Kelly.

David Cook. Best performance of the night. One of the best performances in any of the episodes so far.

Jason – Pass the granola. Not bad. He didn’t hit a bad note, but he didn’t give me chills either. That song demands chill giving. Must be me.

Chikezie – Wow. Chickeze is surely hitting his stride.

So David Cook and Chickezie best of the night.

Up for nomination: Luke and Danny Flaming Noriega

Anonymous said...

You know Davey Boy was totally playing for the gay vote tonight, don't you?

vanessa jaye said...

Well he had to bring his A game and pull out a Celine hit, what with Danny N setting off fire alarms all over the studio. I'm really surprised Simon hasn't called Danny N 'cabaret' yet. Of all the peeps he's called 'cabaret', Danny N deserves it. Boy looks like he's taking tips on dance moves from Amy Winehouse.

Anonymous said...

>>what with Danny N setting off fire alarms all over the studio.

LMFAO!!!!!!!! Okay I admit I've never seen Amy Winehouse dance. I just posted my recap. The Celine thing totally didn't work for me, sorry. It was pitchy dawg

bwaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa

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