Monday, February 21, 2005

1. When a 35 yr old female, giggling inanely over the fact that some ‘guy’ she likes, in a group of friends, removed his gloves from the passenger seat of his car so she could sit, and asks if she should take this as a sign that he likes her(?) ::‘hopeful’ upswing in voice.:: This is not interesting. This is sad. Read this book.

2. When older co-worker moseys on over to my office and fills me in on all her aches and pains, her husband's aches and pains, various aches and pains of friends and relatives, and who has recently passed away, and who has been long deceased (including all the aches and pains leading up to deceasement), and who probably doesn’t have much longer (insert addendum of aches and pains)--all before I've even taken the first sip of my morning coffee, and using up a good 20 mins worth of my precious oxygen in the process--this isn’t interesting. This is morose, depressing, and somewhat sadistic.

3. When coworker regales whole lunchroom (mixed crowd--male/female) with the details of her recent lovemaking session, where a significant delay in getting back to the bedroom after applying spermicidal ‘foam’ causes lover to recoil in horror at what looks like rabies of the groin because of resulting leakage. This is not interesting. It’s: Too Much Information. (And funny as hell, but, you know, we're eating here....)

4. Reasons why Deep Space 9 is best Star Trek show evah? Not interesting. At. All.
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Anonymous said...

1) It is sad.
2} This person is on a permanent pity-party, and desperately needs counseling--or a life, whichever comes cheapes.
3} Disagree with you, Vanessa. It's GOOD info, and I not only had to clutch desperately at my side after reading it, but vow I will use it somewhere, sometime, in a book...
4) No. It isn't interesting. Everyone knows Next Generation was a MUCH better show. :-D
Vanessa, I didn't know you worked at the post office too!!


Amie Stuart said...

Vaginal Rabies!!!!


Dream I can see something like that in Mr. Pinky *snort*

not a trekkie

Linda Winfree said...

ROFL! You know there's a chicklit scene in there somewhere!

vanessa jaye said...

*snort* potatoe salad and visualizing "that scene" just didn't go down well. :-P

vanessa jaye said...

I do know there's no 'e' at the end of potato. :-(

Amie Stuart said...

I'm sitting here going, which wip can I squeeze that in??? LOL

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