Saturday, October 10, 2009

Raine Weaver has a post up over on Southern Fried Chicas about where/how writers get their ideas.

For me anything could start the seeds growing. Case in point, Dayan was just telling me his suspicions that two ‘cousins’ he works with, really aren’t cousins but boyfriend and girlfriend.

They seem incredible close to him and he asked if I remember a summer camp he went to years ago where apparently there was another pair of cousins there who were also extremely close/friendly.

Even as a 10yr boy he picked up on the chemistry between them. It turned out that they were not cousins but boyfriend and girlfriend, but had to say they were cousins because of some fraternization rule the camp had.

So while we were hashing the ‘are they or aren’t they’ question re the second/current pair, a vague story idea starts forming in the back of my brain. A very cool fun idea involving several 'cousins'.(I won’t say any more because we writers are notoriously superstitious about broadcasting story ideas before they’re written.)

But that my dears, is a very quick example of how writers get and develop their ideas.
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