Thursday, May 18, 2006

So if you've checked over on Cece's blog recently, you know she's been brainstorming a title for her upcoming single-author erotic anthology from the Kensington imprint, Aphrodisia. Each novella centers on an heroine who's "blue collar", so her working title was: Blue Collar Chicks. Sales/Marketing thought the title wasn't sexy enough, so Cece asked for some help from me, Raine, Steph, Kellie, Eve and Denise.


It didn't take long for me to get silly. (don't even bother trying to act surprised). Some of my suggestions:

*Get Your Drill-Bits Here
*Coveralls That Don’t Quite Cover All
*Butt-crack Babes and the Men That Love Them
*Is That A Banana In Your Lunch Bucket, Or You Just Happy To See Me?
*Drill Me.

Then I suggested, Spackle My Crack, Ho! To which Steph said she was thinking of using that one for her next Blaze proposal. I replied that if Blaze ever used that title I'd spackle my own crack. Before you could say Crack, Spackle and Pop, the Harlequinized versions started:

*The Crack Spackler's Princess Bride
*The Sheik's Virgin Crack Spackler
*The CRack Spackler's New Apprentice

And soon enough we segued into movie titles. This is the point where there should have been a warning: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here are lost. It got very bizarre, very fast with emails just flying back and forth:

*The Crack Spackler Strikes back...
*Return of the Crack Spackler...
*Nightmare on Crack-Spackling Street
*Lord of the Crack Spackler
*Harry Crack Spackler =)
*Friends with Crack Spackler
*The Family Crack Spackle
*When a Crack Spackler Calls
*Saturday Night Crack Spackling
*Dirty Crack Spackling
*Pretty Crack Spackler
*The Man in the Crack Spackler
*Mr. and Mrs. Crack Spackler.
*The crack spackler code
*Lord of the crack spacklers
*When Harry met the crack spackler
*Brokeback Crack Spackling
*Crack Spackle Mountain!
*Memoires of a Crack Spackler
*Spackler and the Wizard of Crack
*The Wall, the Crack, and the Spackler
*Harry Spackler
*The Lord of the Spacklers: The Return of the Crack
*Crack Wars: The Spackler Strikes Back
*Spacklers of the Lost Crack
*Saving Private Spackler
*Spacklers of the Carribean: The Curse of the Cracked Pearl
*Crack Spackler's Baby
*Invasion of the Crack Spacklers
*The Crack Spackler of the Opera
*Whatever Happened to Baby Crack Spackler?
*Dr. Spackler and Mr. Crack
*Da Crack Spackler Code
*Mission Crack Spackler: III
*Good Night and Good Crack Spackling
*Failure to Crack Spackle
*Revenge of the Cack Spackler...
*Pride and Crack Spackler
*A Crack Spackler to Remember...
*The Passion of the Crack Spackler
*Crack Spackler Crashers
*A Beautiful Crack Spackler
*Million Dollar Crack Spackler
*Hide and Crack Spackle
*Snow White and the Seven Crack Spacklers
(The Seven Spacklers: Grinder, Smacker, Smoother, Digger, Stripper, Mixer, and the guy with the big d*ck)
*I Know What you Spackled Last Summer
*CSI:Crack Spacklers Investigation

Feel free to add your own Crack Spackler title in the comments.
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KellieDanae said...

LOL! I love it! Too fun! Yes, yes, it was a pleasant diversion from work---see the things I can find to amuse myself with?! LOL And by the way, the Crack, Spackle and Pop was ingenius! =) ROF! Um, I only have's

Amie Stuart said...

Who says we have no immagination?

Bailey Stewart said...

We got plenty of 'magination. What we don't have, evidently, is a life. LOL

vanessa jaye said...

I was giggling all afternoon. Came up with a few more, too:

While You Were Spackling
The Manchurian Spackler
Ali Spackler and the 30 Cracks.

'K, I'm done. lol.

Amie Stuart said...

Get Spackled or Crack Trying
Blazing Crack Spacklers
Crack Spacklin' Fellas


Bobbie (Sunny) Cole said...

ya'll have entirely too much time on your hands and not enough novels to write - ROFL.

Cece, did you get your title at last? Puhleeze - no wisecracks.

Anonymous said...

Just home from work, and tired enough that these seem funny to me all over again...lmao!!!

Denise McDonald said...

you guys were cracking me up...

Tracy Sharp - Author of the Leah Ryan Series said...

*Wiping diet coke off her screen and keyboard*

Amie Stuart said...

Lyn honey I sent the REAL titles to my ed yesterday afternoon, however she's out until 5/30.

Bobbie (Sunny) Cole said...

oh, thank god, Cece - was afraid you'd put it off until one of these seemed more appealing *snort*

not that you all didn't do a crack spackling good job.

vanessa jaye said...

Lyn- "not that you all didn't do a crack spackling good job"

*gg* Good one. Be careful, spackling puns becomes very addictive, very quickly. hehee

Anonymous said...

Lol, that was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

That was well worth reading. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. :)

Danica Favorite said...

Could you please come spackle some cracks at my house?

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