Boxing Day Bonanza!

Monday, December 26, 2005

We had a really nice Christmas. Great food (I felt like Mrs. Creosote by the end of it. lol.) and lovely presents.

But it was the spending time and talking with friends and family that was the best part. I get so caught up in daily crap, that I let these relationship slide, when I can't afford to.

They're my well, for me to draw strength, love and peace of mind from. I'll have to try a little harder in the upcoming year to keep in better contact.

As for Boxing Day, we're only going out to see KING KONG. I will not be braving the stores. Ugh.

I used to work retail, many moons ago. Half the time, the price point on Dec 26, is the exact same Price point as on Dec 23/24, with maybe an extra $10-$20 knocked off.

They then lure you into the mayhem store with the one or two loss leader door crashers advertised. Don't be fooled people. Stay at home and recover from the Christmas celebrations.

But there's one place I would suggest you rush over to for a real bargain. If you're a writer, Miss Snark has her crapometer up and running for critting synopses. One hundred and six of them, to be exact, so this 'sale' will be on for awhile. Anywho, it'll give you stuff to think about for your own synopsis. Here are the first 3 crits/entries:
Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3

At the time of this post, she had 10 crits/entries up. Just keep checking back at her main page for updates.

I've been cutting/saving bits and pieces of her feedback for my own use later. This is as good a tip as any: "A good synopsis is more than a rendition of events. It gives us a sense of WHY the events start and WHO the characters are."

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Anonymous said...

How was King KOng?

Jaye said...

We didn't see it. Part laziness, part friends dropping over. Hopefully I'll see it by the week-end though.

Kat said...

I only braved one store last nite. When the commericial came on saying up to 80% off, I was sunk.

I drove the hour, shopped for about as long, and came out $150.00 bux poorer but soooooooo happy.

And I look guuuuuud *grin*

Anonymous said...

We may see it on New Year's eve, soooooooo we can compare notes.

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